I was born in Naples, Italy and after finishing Acting University I moved to Rome.  

My debut was with a Musical directed by the notorious Lina Wertmuller, followed by theatre roles with Antonio Capuano, Max Tortora, Massimiliano Bruno, Ricky Tognazzi e Simona Izzo.

My first lead role on the big screen was with Ugo Fabrizio Giordani, followed by a film with Vincenzo Marra as well as films with Raoul Bova whom I worked with twice, in the comedies of Federico Moccia.


I have been in many TV series, La Squadra, Ris, Don Matteo, Gente di Mare, Vita da Vigile, Stracult, Un posto al sole d'estate, and Boris Giuliano.

Being an actress allowes me to explore the many sides of my personality, which just like characters in a movie, at times coexist, but often fight. Many of these "characters" I could have never met anywhere else then on this wild roller coaster of the TV and Film industry.

I studied with many teachers including Marzio Onorato, Beatrice Bracco, Ivana Chubbuck and Oscar winner Paul Haggis.

I go from comedy roles, helped by my notorious clumsiness, to dramatic roles that allow me to face my darker side, always trying to bring to life the real personality of every character I play, because in the end my goal is to comunicate emotions to the audience as strongly as I feel them.